From Montallegro, in addition to enjoying a beautiful view of the city from the top of the hill (302 m/slm), there is the route of the forts: ancient fortifications placed in defense of the city.
If you are a trekking lover, you will have the opportunity to climb from the base of Forte Sperone towards Forte Puin and Fratello Minore, finally reaching Forte Diamante. The latter offers a privileged view of the coastline with its walls and fortifications; in the distance Genoa and its sea: a truly fascinating sight.


Our neighborhood is distinguished by the funicular from the city center (Largo Zecca) to Righi, the arrival point right next to Montallegro. Put into service in 1897, the Zecca/Righi funicular is one of the symbols of Genoese industriousness. It owes its original idea to Franz Josef Bucher, a Swiss hotelier, who proposed to the City of Genoa that a funicular railway be built so that the Genoese and tourists could admire the city's panorama from the then Castellaccio district. Bucher himself decided to name the location Rigi (Rigi is pronounced Righi in German) in memory of the Swiss mountain overlooking Lake Lucerne.
The Montallegro, in 1913, was the Bellavista Trattoria renowned for its panoramic location, to which the old Buffet at the funicular station was merged. The name Montallegro was given in 1934.